ECDD Program Goals

The ECDD program is designed for children age’s three to five who have identified special needs/developmental delays. The program goal is to provide children with an enriching curriculum and opportunities that promote educational success and enable our young students to become inquiring, independent learners.

These educational opportunities are provided through the following: 
  • Quality instruction with an emphasis on meeting individual and family needs;
  • An organized and structured daily schedule which focuses on all of the major areas of development and learning (cognitive, receptive and expressive communication, motor, social/emotional, adaptive behavior, peer and adult interactions, literacy, early math readiness skills, observation and early discovery); 

  • A variety of flexible, interactive and developmentally appropriate educational activities, materials, and equipment; 

  • A natural, supportive environment as a means for learning where children can explore, question, work independently, and within a group or with an adult;

  • A rich and responsive language environment; a collaborative partnership with parents and families.
For more information about the program, please contact Rajshree Thakore, the classroom teacher, at 313 535-4000, ext. 1024.